By Jochem JanssenMonday, Feb 13, 2017

The first questions that arise as a Member ask themselves or other Members :


What is going within me?


What is exciting?


What do I want to know more about?


What disturbs me?


What is there to fear?


What would I love to see change?


What is precious?


What is wealth?


Who am I?


Whom I am to others?



As we become curious towards these feelings, thoughts and movements… questions arise: How can we bring this further alive? how can we put this into something that can be experienced investigated and researched further? As such it is not hidden within ourselves but expressed outwards, it can then become alive and be transformed by curious fascination.


Members expose themselves and investigate their fascinations together with Curiosity. Both in exposing one’s fascinations and be helping to learn more from other fascinations we get to realize and learn more of ourselves.


Members are Human beings with different shapes, sizes, and perspectives, but the general request of TENCLUB towards its Members is to contribute. To contribute with time, money, effort, knowledge, but most importantly by being their authentic selves and sharing their moments of authentic and true AHA!