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Genderspectrum & the Principles of Lights

By fascination by Rosa van Wissen on behalf of TenClub9th of Decemeber 2019

  Sevilay Maria Van Dorst is invited to share her project #myowngender with you. Please note that this program will be in dutch.  ...

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Hot Bathhouse & Steaming Massage

By For it's Curious members, TenClub presents16th of December 2019

The bathhouse will be heated to perfection today. A very special chef is coming and the most wonderful masseurs that is being flown in....

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Circus Carnivale NYE

By LLOYD.ACARDI on behalf of TenClub31st of December 2019

JOIN THE CURIOUS CIRCUS!   Acrobats, illusionists, chord dancers, lion tamers, jugglers, fire artists, freaks… You are selected to apply for our New Years...

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House of Music – Funk Up Your Soul

By Matthijs Spanjaart on behalf of TenClub24th of January 2019

  House of Music is a multi-sensorial experience that will return every three months with a new thematic era of music for our enjoyment....

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Socratic Wars ~ The Art of Graceful Dialogue

By proposed by Stefan Hoevenaar2nd of December 2019

  This event is for the Curious Only those of you who have a membership with TenClub ~ the Society for the Curious.  ...

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Circus Carnivale (early NYE party)

By Rosa van Wissen on behalf of TENCLUB18 November 2019

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Healing Frequencies Meditation & Bathhouse

By Rosa van Wissen on behalf of TENCLUB11th November 2019

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Slow Water Music

By Rosa van Wissen on behalf of TENCLUB.9th November 2019

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Open Nights ~ Every Monday Night

By TENCLUBEvery Monday till the end of time

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HOUSE OF MUSIC ~ Midnight in Paris

By By Jochem Janssen, Matthijs Spanjaart, Rosa van Wissen & collaborating artistsFriday 25th October 2019

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