29th March 2019

Cacao Exceptional

Food of the Gods

Powered by Kakao Express & Chocolate Club on behalf of TENCLUB


Cacao Exceptional is an explosive dance night, where rituals will guide us to look for the wild place inside. Tenclub empowers us to explore whether a tribe can arise out of a group of complete strangers? Deep meaning connection and sharing.


The evening starts with a unique Cacao Ritual in which ceremonial traditions are combined with theatrical performance and live music. A divine brew is made from pure cacao with specially matched spices that make your heart beat warmer.


For the Cacao Ritual there is limited space, you should reserve yours now. The ritual starts at 20:00 – score your golden ticket and let yourself get carried away.


At 22:00 we kick off the dance night with a live music performance by Convoi Exceptional. These wild men know how to raise the fire and let a swirling crowd dance like never before.


Chocolat Club, pioneer in conscious clubbing since 2004 awakes from a summer sleep and makes a comeback on the ecstatic dance floor with a natural high bar richly filled with energy-generating drinks.


When the night comes in, the dance floor is taken over by de Nachtpapegaai. This rare bird brings warm and colorful music with rumbling drums, swinging beats and electronic world rhythms from the deepest depths of the
cosmic ocean.


Keep your eyes open, in unexpected corners you will find treasures …



The Theobroma Cacao tree literally means “food of the gods.”

For thousands of years, tribes and indigenous cultures used cacao as a sacred plant during ceremonies to connect with each other. Cacao is still used today as a heart-opener, energizer and as a stimulator in creative processes. Cacao is full of – in contrast to the product chocolate – antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

It also contains the magical substance ‘Amandamide’, an endorphin that is formed by our body when we feel happy, our bliss molecule!



Tickets  : https://eventix.shop/bqqvb745

€ 27.50 Cacao Ritual & Party starting 20:00

€ 17.50 Party Ticket, from 21:30 omwards

Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/286288015429286/


“Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.”

– Fernando Pessoa

Kakao Express by Nina van Koppen


Live music by Convoi Exceptional


DJ Nachtpapegaai with warm colorful world music


Chocolate Club is host of the bar on the dance floor, enjoy delicious cacao drinks also after the ritual


Erik and Leonie from Pure Kakaw serve chocolates made from personally selected cacao from the beautiful Matagalpa region in Nicaragua


29th March 2019

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam


Cacao Ritual starting 20:00
Party starting from 21:30 onwards

Doors Open:
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