8 March 2018

Damanhur Café Amsterdam

Explorations of Spiritual Physics

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Damahur Café elaborates on the theory of Spiritual Physics trough a presentation of Gnomo Orzo’s book ‘How many holes does a ring have?’ Spiritual Physics is a vast field of research that explains the creation of forms and of life from the point of view of energies that pervade the universe. What if the universe weighed nothing and matter did not really exist? Through the story of one hundred years of provocative discoveries in Physics, this book leads us to a new, astonishing vision of the cosmos. Curiously identical to that of mystic ancient civilizations.


Gnomo Orzo (Rinaldo Accorti) is one of the passionate researchers of Spiritual Physics, as well as an instructor of courses. These studies have led him to deepen and re-evaluate archaeological and historical aspects of ancient civilizations as wel as fundamental laws of the universe that make the building blocks of life:

“the universe is much simpler and closer to us than what we imagine. You do not need a spaceship to reach it; a mirror is enough. It is an awareness that has made it possible for me to see the world with completely different eyes. Today, when observing myself, the others, a stone or a star, I can no longer imagine that these are separate things” – Gnomo Orzo


Join us for this philosophical cafe that explores beyond the boundaries of contemporary science and into the realm of Spiritual Physics.


€15 entree, met een hapje en drankje van het huis.

the universe is much simpler and closer to us than what we imagine.

– Gnomo Orzo

8 March 2018

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam


20:00 - 22:00

Doors Open:
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