13th of April 2018

El Alma Cubana

Live in la Habana for one night, look into your Cuban soul

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Our Fascination

Whilst we may complain about the rain, the neighbors and taxes, Cubans celebrate life as if today

were their last. They find creative ways to circumvent impossible laws, swindling some extra

pesos when the salary falls short, flirting with every passerby at any time of day, playing music and dancing their problems away. What a curious lifestyle and existence Cubans experience.


Our Exploration

This Friday night, the Mayer Manor turns into a Cuban salon. Come and immerse yourself in the Cuban way of life, bursting at the seams with seduction and rebellion.


Upstairs talented musicians with play salsa, son cubano, mambo, the chacha and latin jazz  – better put on your best dancing shoes. Downstairs an inspired DJ will mix modern Caribbean and Latin American hits all night, your ears will be tingling with all this musical explorations.


Come discover you ‘alma Cubana’ – enjoy the smoke of authentic hand-rolled cigars, drink delicious and unique signature mojitos, make a offering to the orisha spirits, play domino as if your life depended on it, dance together to pure latin tunes and flirt with this passionate lifestyle.


Dresscode: Classy Cuban & Seductive Caribbean



  • pájaro temprano ticket €30
  • a tiempo ticket €35
  • tortuga lenta ticket €40


Just like in Habana, Cubans can pay the entrance fee in Pesos Cubanos 🙂


Listen, dance and enjoy thanks to TENCLUB


“One virtue of Cuba is that everything is happening all the time, right out in the streets Literally, when you wake up at 9 o'clock in the morning in Havana you don’t know where you’ll be at noon. But it’s a safe guess that you’ll either be married, arrested, or in the midst of some incredible transaction where somebody is stealing your passport or paying you in Dominican pesos for it, or whatever. It’s a wild place.”

– Pico Iyer


Ramon Valle

Jorge Martinez & Friends

DJ la Fruta Bomba

DJ AlexGee


Dance workshop at 21:30 hosted by the Salsa Factory


Dresscode: Classy Cuban & Seductive Caribbean

13th of April 2018

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam


21.00 - 03.00

Doors Open:
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