Friday 25th October 2019

HOUSE OF MUSIC ~ Midnight in Paris

In resonance with TENCLUB

Powered by By Jochem Janssen, Matthijs Spanjaart, Rosa van Wissen & collaborating artists


TENCLUB proposes a new series of musical delights for your curious ears to devour.


House of Music is a multi-sensorial experience that will return every three months with a new thematic era of music for our enjoyment.


The House (one of our many Theatrum Vitae) will have its multiple spaces filled with music and artists throughout the night. As our patrons you will be able to move freely through these musical soundscapes and ephemeral artistic moments. What happens, what we experience, what we will run into in our explorations no one knows. Let your Curiosity guide you.


The inaugural House of Music will be in honour of France, a nation of artists and musicians that have revolutionised countless genres and movements.


Mesdames et messieurs,


Nouvelles révolutionnaires,



This 25th of October The Mayor Manor will transform itself once again for a brand new concept brought to you by Tenclub, which emerged from the fascination of Jochem Janssen (founder of Tenclub):


“Sometimes I wonder why and when music grabs you and when not. So what will happen when we fill a house with artists of all kinds and you wonder through their soundscapes. When are you touched, where will you stop, when will you be in wonder?”


Tenclub member Matthijs Spanjaart joined the fascination and brought his musical knowledge into play, resulting in a full house and in every room another genre, another artist. This time it is Paris and France that rules the house. From Charles Aznavour to Daft Punk, Noir Desir to Maitre Gims, Lautent Garnier to Edith Piaf. We will seek to give a taste of all the many sounds that has a ‘French touch’ to it.


Alongside a decorum fit or King Louis XIV and an ambiance that will make you shout ‘Oh la la‘; we will be serving traditional soups and freshly prepared hors d’oeuvres in front of our wood-burning fireplace. Paired with the most exquisite Champagnes as well as the finest wines of France.


Est-vous prêt les amis?


Reserve your Early Bird tickets before they sell out right here.

  • Le musicien rapide (early birds) : €25.00
  • Le musicien regular (regular price) : €31.00
  • Le musicien qui dormait (last minute) : €35.00


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The French are forever stylish end the possibilities are infinite, after all the biggest style icons come from France. Consider combinations of the following:

  • Haute Couture & lipstick rouge
  • Coco Chanel & Birgitte Bardot
  • Corsets & suspenders
  • Polkadots & berrets

After all the biggest style icons are from France….


"Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to stay silent."

– Victor Hugo
Friday 25th October 2019

Nes 116-118
1012 KE Amsterdam


20:30 - 03:00

Doors Open:
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