10th February 2019

Intimate Encounters

Creating a safe space to explore intimacy, sensuality and sexuality

Powered by I AM SEXUALITY on behalf of Tenclub

Intimate Encounters is a ‘sex-positive’ evening for curious minds researching intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with thyself and the other. This first event we’d like to discourage having sexual intercourse or oral sex. Please respect and if the need is high go home.


Intimate Encounters is born out of the desire for a place in Amsterdam where one can feel safe and free to explore the diversity of our sexuality surrounded by flowers, pleasant smells, a marvelous decor and beautiful souls.


This event is part of Tenclub, a society where all members are focused and fascinated by what being Human is, and pursue their curiosity together to co-create and discover their humanity. Membership of Tenclub is not needed to join the event.


Opening Ritual
Coen Aerts will open Intimate Encounters with a practical talk, followed by a welcoming ritual. Think about greeting each other non-verbally, breath-work, setting intentions and drinking cacao ceremonially.


Spaceholding group exercise
To create a safe space Sven Mönnichmann, Rosanne van Leusden and Bart van Acker join forces to share with us some connecting exercises.


Liquid Love
Burning Man enthusiasts will know what this means. Imagine yourself laying blindfolded in a see of oil and bodies, listening to heavenly tunes. As the music starts the gliding begins. This is a sensorial experience guided by Sven Mönnichmann where you are invited to move and allow yourself to move without intentions or sexual orientation. Relax into the real time, real space sensations without craving pleasant feelings or denouncing less pleasant ones. A meditative way of exploring the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact.


Tantra workshop
For years Rosanne van Leusden and Bart van Acker have devoted a fair share of their time to exploring the field of tantra. This evening they will give an ‘introduction to tantra’ workshop.


The hammam and bath will be open, feel free to enjoy yourself there at any moment. Bring a towel and soaps/salt/scrub if you like.


Nepco cuddlespace
Lennart Vader will share his dreamscapes together with vocals of Laura Sestri. This blend will be perfect to fill the cuddlespace with lovely tunes.



To make this an exploration that feels safe to everyone, also people without any experience visiting an intimate event like this, we listed principles that we value as organisers and rules that we’d like participants to respect. If you can’t find yourself in these, this might not be an event for you.

Principles we value
.♥ Radical inclusion; try to make anyone count,also if you feel no attraction for the person, rather be curious why there’s none.
♥ Gifting; make an effort to share your love without expecting anything back.
♥ Radical self-reliance; be aware of yourself, what you need and try to be a responsible, proactive person.
♥ Radical self-expression; feel welcome to show and share your being as it is.
♥ Communal effort and participation; Intimate Encounters is a research we do together. Participate, share with and care for others. Help making it happen, don’t consume, collaborate!
♥ Leave no trace; keep the space clean as you found it at arrival.
♥ Immediacy; make the moment count. Share your feelings and urges as they arise in a respectful way, don’t be afraid for the outcome.
♥ Consent; take your time in escalating sensually/sexually, ask/check for consent.

Event Rules
♥ You are responsible for your invite (if one of you misbehaves both leave).
♥ Respect a ‘no’!
♥ Tapping twice means ‘no’!
♥ Codeword ‘Ten Tree’ means EVERYBODY FREEZES. This is an emergency call and means that someone is either sexually assaulted or dying!
♥ No phones, no pictures.
♥ No drugs, no alcohol.

House Rules
♥ No glasses in the spa.
♥ Clean your own mess.
♥ Keep the fire burning.
♥ Be carefull with the house.

If something happens during the event that you’d like to share privately with someone, go to one of the Angels. They will make time for you, listen and might be able to help. During the opening ritual the Angels will show themselves.


This first edition we have 40 tickets available that will be sent invite only by the organisers. This to make sure that all participants are people interested in the field and practice of study/experience. Organisers will be personally responsible for their ivitees.

Ticket price will be €31,-


The event is non-profit, all income will be spent on costs. Organisers nor artists are payed for their invested time. The goal is that future events might permit a minor compensation for artists and organisers.

Next events all participants of the first edition are asked to bring a ‘buddy’ from the opposite sex that they seem safe and likely to join the experience. Again everybody is responsible for a buddy; if one of the two misbehaves, both are asked to leave.

Creating a safe space to explore intimacy, sensuality and sexuality is a continious effort ans serious task for all participants. Hopefully you understand our precaution!


Wear anything you like, keeping in mind that you might explore yourself and others in an intimate way. Maybe something comfy and sexy would do. As long as you feel good. As the hammam and bath will be open, bringing a kimono or bathrobe is advisable. If you want to join the spa, bring a towel. If you are joining the Liquid Love bring an extra old towel to rub off the oil.

19:30 Doors open
20:00 DOOR CLOSES!! Start ‘Opening Ritual’
22:00 Start spaceholding group exercise
23:00 Start Liquid Love experience and tantra workshop
00:00 Start spa and Nepco cuddlespace
01:00 End

10th February 2019
Doors Open:
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