5th May 2018

Sigmund Freud's birthday

by Studio Nepco on behalf of TENCLUB

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Issues are sexy… Do you have issues too?


Then you are more than welcome at the 162nd birthday party of Sigmund Freud.


Deep, layered, contrasting music, live performances, continuous workshops, including penis envy and vagina breathing. And you can always visit the Daddy Issues corner in the Ballroom of Tears. More about the program will follow soon.


The celebration will take place throughout the four-storey building. The basement will be the domain of Thanatos (a drive for death and destruction), including a steaming dance floor of disaster. The upper floors are dedicated to Eros (a drive for life and libido) and will be a piece of heaven where you can take a bath and indulge yourself in surrealistic performances.


In between these two drifts/powers, which battle each other everyday, is the ground floor. Here you will find the rational perspective and the opportunity to learn more about our psyche through lectures and immersive experiences.


Dresscode: come dressed up as a psychological complex!


Early Freud €22,50
Regular Sigmund €25
Late Schlomo €30

Sigmund Freud’s birthday
on behalf of Studio Nepco & TENCLUB

“Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me."

– Sigmund Freud

5th May 2018

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam



Doors Open:
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