26th of January 2019

Smokey Jazz Club

a night unlike no other where the 'known' meets the unexpected

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TENCLUB wants to restore the authentic smokey jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz. This special occasion will take place at the Illusive Mayer Manor at the heart of Amsterdam. Come along for the ride and experience a night unlike no other where the ‘known’ meets the unexpected.


This fresh first edition of the year we open with a swinging Lindy hop Theme! Lindy hop is an American dance which was born in Harlem, New York City in 1928 and has evolved since then with the jazz music of the time.


Never heard of lindy hop? This is your chance to try it! Join us at 20:00 for the workshop by Amstel Hop where you learn this fun, improvised dance. Bring your friends, family and neighbours and prepare to get hooked! If you don’t have a dance partner, no worries, you can dance with everyone in the group; during the class we will rotate partners. No dancing experience needed. Get your moves ready for this night of frivolous dancing on the diggest of Jazz!



NOTE : Doors open at 8:00 pm, the live music starts at 9:00 pm!

And after 11:00 pm we’’ll continue to dance, on the tunes of DJ John Peter Raven.

DRESS CODE: Vintage fifties femme fatale and classy downtown jazz cats.


Tickets :
Early jazz bird €15
Regular Jazz cat €17,50
Late Jazz Leopard €20
Lindy hop Workshop €23 (20:00-21:00 – limited to 20 dancers)


Facebook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/260575304611836



“Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.”

– - Shah Asad Rizvi

Donee la Fontaine – contrabass
Martin de Ruiter – drums
Chris Corstens – Sax
David Kops – piano
Vincent Pino – Guitar

Guided by Amstel Hop

26th of January 2019

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam


20:00 - 02:00

Lindy hop Workshop 20:00-21:00
Live Band 21:00-23:00
DJ John Peter Raven after 23:00

Doors Open:
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