9th March 2018

Smokey Jazz Club

crème de la crème of underground jazz

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Tenclub wants to restore the authentic smoky jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz. This evening is about the appreciation of jazz, experimentation and allowing yourself to sink into the music. Music is one of the most enticing artforms known to humanity. Each genre has it’s own enchantment and moves us to different realms.

The kick-off of House of Jazz will be with The Jasmine Quartet. This band will take you through a time warp directly to a smoky bar in 1954 downtown Manhattan for a taste of pure traditional jazz. This special occasion will take place at the Illusive Mayer Manor at the heart of Amsterdam. Come along for the ride and experience a night unlike no other where the ‘known’ meets the unexpected.


The quartet consists of:

Chris Corstens on Sax
Uldis Vitolis on Contrabass
Kees Post on Piano
Vincent Pino on Guitar



"blowing smoke up into the air in a long stream, like a very unterrifying dragon"

– Gail Honeyman

Chris Corstens, Sax
Uldis Vitolis, Contrabass
Kees Post, Piano
Vincent Pino, Guitar

9th March 2018

Theatrum Vitae: Mayer Manor
nes 116–118, 1012 KE amsterdam



Doors Open:
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