Hack your curiosity

By Nic LazSaturday, Jun 15, 2019

We are not talking about hacking your computer, phone, or emails.
We propose you hack your Curiosity with these simple actions:


Close your eyes and visualise the last time you can remember you felt the rush of wonderment when discovering something new and unexpected.


Write an ‘I Wonder List’ of things or ideas that you are Curious about, start each item on the list with ‘I wonder…’ and see how many things you can list. See our Curious Information for inspiration.


Think of the last time you experimented with something new – a new dance move, ingredient in your favorite dish, musical element you heard, etc – and write down how that experiment went and how you could continue that exploration.


Take a pencil and paper and draw whatever is in front of you as if it was upside-down on the paper.


Think out loud three impossible things you could do right now, and take a moment to day-dream what it would be like to do them.


What paintings of photographs entice your curiosity? Got find it on the internet and download yourself a copy of these useful illustrations.



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