4. Relations & Emotions

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By Thursday Jan 10 2019

  Oudjaarsnacht worden de vier verdiepingen van levenstheater Mayer Manor (Nes 116, Amsterdam) omgetoverd tot geheime kamers van Versailles. Inclusief troonzaal, koninklijke vertrekken, boudoir van Marie Antoinette, catacomben van Markiezin de Sade én badhuis met sauna, koperen baden en gouden harpmeisjes.   Dresscode is de Franse monarchie (1660-1792), met een absurdistische twist.   ‘Les Secrets […]

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Berliner Nachtsalon

By Wednesday Jun 27 2018

  During the final night of Gay Pride the magical Mayer Manor turns into a Berliner Nachtsalon in the roaring 1920s. A time of open minds, fluid gender roles and sudden affluence after economic crisis. The first World War is over. A new war is dooming on the horizon, but we are still dancing on […]

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Smokey Jazz : Shake ‘n Swing

By Monday Jun 11 2018

  TENCLUB wants to restore the authentic smokey jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz.   The first Smokey Jazz took place in March and was sold out in no time! Click below to see a […]

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House of Gospel

By Monday Jun 04 2018

  Music is one of the most enticing art forms known to humanity and a great way to connect with ourselves, others and Spirit. On a Sunday afternoon we get together to sing with some members of our our country’s most famous collective, the ZO! Gospel Choir   This past May 20th they performed for a […]

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By Monday May 14 2018

  This Cluster of Fascination will on this occasion be exclusively in Dutch   Oculus betekent ‘oog’ of een ronde opening in een gewelf waar een lichtbundel doorheen valt. Oculus werpt het licht op een andere tijd en de kunst van toen om te laten zien dat die nog steeds actueel en relevant is.   […]

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El Alma Cubana

By Thursday Mar 15 2018

  Our Fascination Whilst we may complain about the rain, the neighbors and taxes, Cubans celebrate life as if today were their last. They find creative ways to circumvent impossible laws, swindling some extra pesos when the salary falls short, flirting with every passerby at any time of day, playing music and dancing their problems […]

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Sigmund Freud’s birthday

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

Issues are sexy… Do you have issues too?   Then you are more than welcome at the 162nd birthday party of Sigmund Freud.   Deep, layered, contrasting music, live performances, continuous workshops, including penis envy and vagina breathing. And you can always visit the Daddy Issues corner in the Ballroom of Tears. More about the program […]

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Sisterhood Sessions : Creating a Sisterhood

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

  Met volle maan, aan de vooravond van de internationale vrouwendag, sluiten we de ‘sisterhood sessions’ toepasselijk af met een vrouwencirkel. De vraag die centraal staat is hoe we Sisterhood (kunnen) ervaren in het dagelijks leven. Hoe verhouden we ons tot de vrouwen om ons heen? Tot onze moeders, dochters, vriendinnen, zussen en collega’s? Zijn […]

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King Of The Gypsies

By Thursday Nov 16 2017

Lloyd-Acardi has being creating extraordinary New Years events in Amsterdam since the year 2004. Their mission statement reads: “Continuously seeking to open the mind of others, and bringing that special atmosphere back to life at this special date and time.” Resonating with this mission TENCLUB has endorsed Llyod-Acardi to bring you a curious celebration to […]

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The Art of Surrender

By Saturday Oct 21 2017

TENCLUB Café, is an intimate evening where each edition a differed topic is explored in a special, comical, current or bizarre way. Imagine an avant-garde setting; philosophising at saloon tables by the fireplace. This edition sets us vulnerable and opens a booklet about our loving relationships.   ‘The Art of Surrender’ questions: Do you dare […]

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