A Connecting Force

By Nic LazMonday, Feb 13, 2017


The art of TENCLUB is to not only stimulate the Curiosity of Members, but to also to foster, facilitate, nurture, support, and empower the Members to co-create Clusters of Fascination of any form or format in a wondrous and conscious expression of Self. This pursuit is self-reinforcing, as Members participate in Clusters of Fascination, their Curiosity grows and expands to realms unknown to them thus far. This self-reinforcing loop incites them to dream, imagine, wonder, and envision their investigations; and with the help of other Members in the Clusters they collectively manifest the curious investigations of one another.


A Cluster of Fascination can be described or constructed as a project, piece of art, performance, show, reading, platform, song, question, request, poem… It does not matter, as the purpose of the pursuit is not the result, but the expression of itself and the daring quest of exposing it to others. Clusters of Fascination can be serious, vulnerable, funny, ridiculous, painful, funky, bizarre, inspiring and so on. The outcome of these programs is the stimulation of the conscious expression of the inner world of the Members in the Cluster.

Curiosity is a connecting force, an unconditional force, an existential force. When one’s curiosity fades out completely, Life itself ends.

One can learn to sense more carefully.

One can learn question holistically.

One can embrace feedback from others.

One can master a the universal language of Curiosity.


TENCLUB believes that Curiosity can be practiced, the more one engages in it the more skillful and inquisitive they become.

As such actively practicing Curiosity is one of the key drivers for Members; with this dedicated practice One can become All.