Questions to entice your Curiosity

By Nic LazMonday, Feb 13, 2017

What is the actual origin of the desire for perpetual economic growth?


Why do we continuously build uninspiring buildings next to motorways and in urban areas?


Why does any one religion tend to contain more truth than any other?


Sex is endlessly used to promote sales, so why is it illegal to walk around naked?


Why are the quarrels of neighbours amongst the most prevalent Dutch annoyances?


Why is is there no such thing as a social draft at the age of 16, in which you learn to care for the less gifted and the elderly?


Why are over 10% of adults in our society depressed and why is depression among children almost unheard of?


Why do we demand that our romantic partners are faithful, while 65% of people will commit infidelity at some point in their lives?


Why do we drive the same inefficient, crude, complex, polluting automobiles that we have for the past 100 years when the technology has long existed for an alternative?


Why do we find it difficult to take proper care of our bodies, with a tendency to neglect or overexert them?


If our families are anchors for our happiness, why are family problems and quarrels such a prevalent theme in humanity?


If drugs are illegal and may people take drugs, then who’s fooling who and why?


If hardly anyone would dare to state that war is a good thing, why have we wagd so much war throughout our history?


If everyone cries in life, and many people cry often, then why should it be embarrassing to cry in public?


If every human being has diverse and imaginative fantasies, then why do they so often go undiscussed?


  What If…

  I Wonder…

  Why is it …



  Be Curious.