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Cinema Extraordinaire : The Mirror

By Thursday Dec 20 2018

  Our intimate screening of the 20th of January will be the the Russian art film The Mirror. The story of a dying man of forty years old that remembers his past; his youth, his mother, the war, personal moments and things that tell shine a light on the recent history of life in Russia. […]

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Cinema Extraordinaire : It’s a Wonderful Life

By Wednesday Nov 28 2018

  This December 2nd will be a unique Cinema Extraordinaire – the Christmas Special! Cinema Extraordinaire is a series of late afternoon Sundays that will focus on the exploration of extraordinary movie classics, accompanied by a phenomenal dinner and dessert by GOESTING of chef Florence Droogné.   Interesting subjects and themes are discussed in an aftertalk with […]

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The Philosophy of Money

By Thursday Oct 04 2018

  The TENCLUB Café on the 28th of September will be an evening dipped in gold. International renowned goldanalist Jan Nieuwenhuijs will come to enlighten us about the philosophy of money and value. Especially now, since public worry is growing about a looming new economical crisis, exactly ten years after the last one took place. […]

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Tenclub Café Reconnecting the tribe

By Wednesday Aug 15 2018

  TENCLUB Café is an intimate evening in which we explore how our relationship with the Earth has changed over the course of centuries till this moment; from old tribal traditions to the modern world of today, times are changes. In a time where climate change and sustainability are high on the agenda, we ask […]

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UTOPIA Reloaded

By Thursday Mar 15 2018

This Cluster of Fascination will on this occasion be exclusively in Dutch   In deze editie van Tenclub Cafe gaan we dieper in op het thema de nieuwe mens en de nieuwe samenleving; Utopia Reloaded: Human 2.0   Technologische vernieuwingen buitelen over elkaar heen, verweven zich met ons leven en versmelten zich met de mens. […]

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Damanhur Café Amsterdam

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

  Damahur Café elaborates on the theory of Spiritual Physics trough a presentation of Gnomo Orzo’s book ‘How many holes does a ring have?’ Spiritual Physics is a vast field of research that explains the creation of forms and of life from the point of view of energies that pervade the universe. What if the […]

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Sisterhood Sessions : Female Pleasure

By Wednesday Jan 24 2018

Sexuele energie is levensenergie. Durf jij echt te genieten?   Vrouwelijke empowerment kan niet begrepen worden zonder aandacht te besteden aan de power, energie en levenslust die onze seksualiteit ons kan schenken en de wijze waarop deze is onderdrukt en beteugeld in de patriarchale cultuur waarin we leven. In het denken over seks gaat het […]

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Sisterhood Sessions : ‘Womanhood in the 21 st century’

By Wednesday Jan 24 2018

  Tenclub Cafe is een intieme avond waar iedere editie een ander bijzonder, komisch, actueel of bizar thema wordt uitgediept. Stel je een avantgardistische setting voor; filosoferen aan salontafels bij het haardvuur. Deze editie kijken we vanuit de ogen van de vrouw naar de tijdsgeest en bevragen we: ‘Hoe is het om vrouw te zijn […]

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The Art of Surrender

By Saturday Oct 21 2017

TENCLUB Café, is an intimate evening where each edition a differed topic is explored in a special, comical, current or bizarre way. Imagine an avant-garde setting; philosophising at saloon tables by the fireplace. This edition sets us vulnerable and opens a booklet about our loving relationships.   ‘The Art of Surrender’ questions: Do you dare […]

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Cacao Ceremony

By Tuesday Aug 15 2017

Tenclub Café, is an intimate evening with every edition another social, comic, bizarre and present-day topic. This time we let our self go in rhythm and dance during a cocoa ceremony. Cocoa (the basic ingredient of chocolate) is an ancient medicine that was used by indigenous cultures.   The most famous are the Mayans who […]

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