5. Festivities & Celebration

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Circus Carnivale (early NYE party)

By Wednesday Oct 30 2019

  We’re throwing a bewildering Circus Carnivale   Let’s raise the fun as we welcome the end of the year! Come and party with at Tenclub!   What do we experience when we build an imaginary world… a circus… where everybody has a dreamlike skill?   A stage where we express freely and show our […]

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Smokey Jazz Club ~ Bossa Nova Edition

By Tuesday Jun 11 2019

  Imagine…   It is the middle of Summer 1958, the temperature rises up to 31 degrees, the sun tickles your bare feet in the sand. You are strolling down Ipanema beach in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, when a rhythm is carried to your ears as a whisper.   You cannot control your curiosity […]

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Smokey Jazz Club : Backstage Burlesque

By Sunday Apr 07 2019

  Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of the underground jazz, at four flour Mayer Manor. This time The Manor transforms into a Burlesque Nightclub. The whole building can be experienced as if you are walking in a backstage dressing room of a 1930’ies […]

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Smokey Jazz Club

By Friday Dec 14 2018

  TENCLUB wants to restore the authentic smokey jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz. This special occasion will take place at the Illusive Mayer Manor at the heart of Amsterdam. Come along for the ride […]

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By Thursday Jan 10 2019

  Oudjaarsnacht worden de vier verdiepingen van levenstheater Mayer Manor (Nes 116, Amsterdam) omgetoverd tot geheime kamers van Versailles. Inclusief troonzaal, koninklijke vertrekken, boudoir van Marie Antoinette, catacomben van Markiezin de Sade én badhuis met sauna, koperen baden en gouden harpmeisjes.   Dresscode is de Franse monarchie (1660-1792), met een absurdistische twist.   ‘Les Secrets […]

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By Thursday Oct 04 2018

  Soixante-neuf is an ode to ‘the summer of love’ of 1969, “L’été de l’amour”.   A French psychedelic sixties evening inspired by Gainsbourg famous song ’69 Année Érotique’. A night full of dazzling live music, whispering French poets and breezy summer skirts.   The star of the evening is the French pop singer Bobbi, […]

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Berliner Nachtsalon

By Wednesday Jun 27 2018

  During the final night of Gay Pride the magical Mayer Manor turns into a Berliner Nachtsalon in the roaring 1920s. A time of open minds, fluid gender roles and sudden affluence after economic crisis. The first World War is over. A new war is dooming on the horizon, but we are still dancing on […]

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Smokey Jazz Club

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

  Tenclub wants to restore the authentic smoky jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz. This evening is about the appreciation of jazz, experimentation and allowing yourself to sink into the music. Music is one of […]

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Fairytale Café

By Saturday Oct 21 2017

Is your life a fairytale? Are you open to the miraculous surreality of existence? Today, “fairy tales” are children’s stories containing life lessons, Us grownups have to settle for the gray existence of daily reality. But every now and then, life takes an unexpected turn and suddenly there is a fabulous figure on your path […]

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Sweat Lodge

By Tuesday Aug 15 2017

Reliving old, shamanistic rituals & ceremonies. Celebrating life in a place where timelessness can be experienced. The Shamanistic ceremony in the sweat lodge is a celebration of life. It is a place where the timeless now can be experienced. In this specific ‘Indian time’ our perception of time and place will change and transform to […]

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