8. Mind & Practice

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Carl Jungs Droomavond

By Monday Oct 22 2018

  Tijdens ‘Carl Jungs Droomavond’ worden inzichten van de Zwitserse psychiater/psychoanalyticus vertaald naar tastbare persoonlijke en collectieve ervaringen. Het programma bestaat uit een academische lezing en een theatrale reis met diverse haltes en bestemmingen, waarin we afdalen naar ons onderbewustzijn.   Hoe maak je contact met wat je (nog) niet weet en hoe ervaar je […]

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The Philosophy of Money

By Thursday Oct 04 2018

  The TENCLUB Café on the 28th of September will be an evening dipped in gold. International renowned goldanalist Jan Nieuwenhuijs will come to enlighten us about the philosophy of money and value. Especially now, since public worry is growing about a looming new economical crisis, exactly ten years after the last one took place. […]

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The Art of Surrender

By Saturday Oct 21 2017

TENCLUB Café, is an intimate evening where each edition a differed topic is explored in a special, comical, current or bizarre way. Imagine an avant-garde setting; philosophising at saloon tables by the fireplace. This edition sets us vulnerable and opens a booklet about our loving relationships.   ‘The Art of Surrender’ questions: Do you dare […]

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Sweat Lodge

By Tuesday Aug 15 2017

Reliving old, shamanistic rituals & ceremonies. Celebrating life in a place where timelessness can be experienced. The Shamanistic ceremony in the sweat lodge is a celebration of life. It is a place where the timeless now can be experienced. In this specific ‘Indian time’ our perception of time and place will change and transform to […]

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