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Feast of the Beast

By Thursday Oct 04 2018

  Beautiful bandits, evil villains, wicked creatures of the night, we know you are out there. Wandering around hiding behind your good people masks. This is the time to reveal yourself, and step out of the shadow. Everyone has a dark side. We challenge you to dare to see it, not to fight it but […]

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Berliner Nachtsalon

By Wednesday Jun 27 2018

  During the final night of Gay Pride the magical Mayer Manor turns into a Berliner Nachtsalon in the roaring 1920s. A time of open minds, fluid gender roles and sudden affluence after economic crisis. The first World War is over. A new war is dooming on the horizon, but we are still dancing on […]

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Smokey Jazz : Shake ‘n Swing

By Monday Jun 11 2018

  TENCLUB wants to restore the authentic smokey jazz club from a bygone era. Every once in a while this warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz.   The first Smokey Jazz took place in March and was sold out in no time! Click below to see a […]

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House of Gospel

By Monday Jun 04 2018

  Music is one of the most enticing art forms known to humanity and a great way to connect with ourselves, others and Spirit. On a Sunday afternoon we get together to sing with some members of our our country’s most famous collective, the ZO! Gospel Choir   This past May 20th they performed for a […]

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By Monday May 14 2018

  This Cluster of Fascination will on this occasion be exclusively in Dutch   Oculus betekent ‘oog’ of een ronde opening in een gewelf waar een lichtbundel doorheen valt. Oculus werpt het licht op een andere tijd en de kunst van toen om te laten zien dat die nog steeds actueel en relevant is.   […]

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Sigmund Freud’s birthday

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

Issues are sexy… Do you have issues too?   Then you are more than welcome at the 162nd birthday party of Sigmund Freud.   Deep, layered, contrasting music, live performances, continuous workshops, including penis envy and vagina breathing. And you can always visit the Daddy Issues corner in the Ballroom of Tears. More about the program […]

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Salon la Belle Époque

By Wednesday Jan 24 2018

  Opera zangeres Claron McFadden en Master Pianist Claire Chevallier nodigen Tenclub’s leden uit voor een intiem besloten concert. Om hun liefde te delen voor la Belle Époque.   La Belle Époque is een bijzondere tijds periode in de Europese geschiedenis eind 19e eeuw waarin het streven naar schoonheid verweven was in alle lagen van […]

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Sisterhood Sessions : Female Pleasure

By Wednesday Jan 24 2018

Sexuele energie is levensenergie. Durf jij echt te genieten?   Vrouwelijke empowerment kan niet begrepen worden zonder aandacht te besteden aan de power, energie en levenslust die onze seksualiteit ons kan schenken en de wijze waarop deze is onderdrukt en beteugeld in de patriarchale cultuur waarin we leven. In het denken over seks gaat het […]

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Cafe Noir

By Monday Aug 28 2017

Cafe Noir is a true journey to the other side of midnight paying tribute to the classics and pastiches of the hardboiled genre with great music, film, scenes, acts, oneliners in ‘Noir’ Style.

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Krystal Tuned Concerto

By Monday Feb 13 2017

Our fascination – two master pianists playing natural vibrations via Krystal tuning

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