2. Rituals & Dedication

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Sisterhood Sessions : Creating a Sisterhood

By Sunday Feb 18 2018

  Met volle maan, aan de vooravond van de internationale vrouwendag, sluiten we de ‘sisterhood sessions’ toepasselijk af met een vrouwencirkel. De vraag die centraal staat is hoe we Sisterhood (kunnen) ervaren in het dagelijks leven. Hoe verhouden we ons tot de vrouwen om ons heen? Tot onze moeders, dochters, vriendinnen, zussen en collega’s? Zijn […]

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King Of The Gypsies

By Thursday Nov 16 2017

Lloyd-Acardi has being creating extraordinary New Years events in Amsterdam since the year 2004. Their mission statement reads: “Continuously seeking to open the mind of others, and bringing that special atmosphere back to life at this special date and time.” Resonating with this mission TENCLUB has endorsed Llyod-Acardi to bring you a curious celebration to […]

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Fairytale Café

By Saturday Oct 21 2017

Is your life a fairytale? Are you open to the miraculous surreality of existence? Today, “fairy tales” are children’s stories containing life lessons, Us grownups have to settle for the gray existence of daily reality. But every now and then, life takes an unexpected turn and suddenly there is a fabulous figure on your path […]

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