A Society Dedicated to Mankind

By Jochem JanssenMonday, Feb 13, 2017

 A poem by Jochem Janssen, on behalf of TENCLUB


In GRATITUDE of being human, I REALIZE so are you.


I come close to you in CURIOSITY.


Not knowing what there is, my HEART leads the way.


In COALESCENCE I wish to REALIZE more of whom I truly am, willing to sacrifice


The prison of WHOM I am not.


TEN fingers make ALL and 1/10 is my SACRIFICE.


And when MULTIPLIED, make ALL and ONE.


GRATEFULLY I embrace you and uncover who you are.


I REALIZE now you are of UNEQUAL Nature, but EQUAL of WORTH. And so I see


What makes the QUALITY of you which my HEART embraces.


I REALIZE now it is time to take RESPONSIBILITY, for all my deeds and all my beloveds.


My INTEGRITY grows and I wed myself in PURITY.


As WISE as I was born, I will die, but before I go, I wish to leave the greatest of all achievements.


TO REALIZE I am ALL and ONE with you my dearest UNIVERSE.