Theatrum Vitaes


The Theaters of Life (Theatrum Vitaes) are the physical dimension of TENCLUB, these spaces are real places but should also be considered as metaphysical spaces. Since TENCLUB considers life as a place to play, investigate, be curious, and have beautiful encounters, playful and fascinating environments are key elements. TENCLUB defines any space where Members gather and execute their Clusters of Fascination as the Theaters of Life.


Life can be considered a Theater in which we are the actors experiencing our own lives. As such Theaters of Life are designed or designated as temporary or permanent spaces for these explorations. A Theatre of Life can be offered to TENCLUB for a day, a month, or permanently.


In a sense they are Temples to the Humanistic philosophy of TENCLUB that also hold the space for the ritualistic encounters and fascinations of the Members. Individual Clusters of Fascination can demand and propose other spaces as temporary or permanent Theaters of Life, particularly if there are needs for an exploration that the currently available spaces cannot provide for.


The building at Nes 116, known as the Mayer Manor, is the first of the dedicated permanent spaces and was built by Sebastiaan & Edgar of – It is a full mansion in Central Amsterdam with alcohol permit and a capacity of 200 people. On this page you can read more and see pictures of this and all the currently active Theatres of Life.

"Life can be considered a Theater in which we are the actors experiencing our own lives."

Building spaces that provide
the safety, the wonder and
the beauty to teach, learn
and investigate being Human
is the purpose of the “Theatrum Vitae”.

On principle these spaces will not exceed a certain capacity in order to guarantee intimacy, aesthetics, and wonder. TENCLUB considers these spaces as mirror brands, and seeks to foster the expansion of the number of these available spaces.

If you are interested in proposing or offering a space to become one of the Theaters of Life please do get in touch to discuss this further with TENCLUB.

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