What is your Mission?

By Nic LazMonday, Feb 13, 2017

 TENCLUB is a society dedicated to Mankind
that means to all of us
All of us together are Humankind
And perhaps it is time to become more kind to all of us Humans
Being kind, means being interested
Being interested in the quality that each individual consists of
What we consist of is what we need to Realize
As such we Realize ourselves
A society being curious towards Realizing ourselves
Now that is the Mission of TENCLUB.


What does ‘mission’ mean for you?


What is your personal mission?


How has it changed, evolved, been achieved these last years?


How would your life look if you chose a different mission?


What if you gave your mission to someone else?


Who would you most trust to continue your mission after your passing?


Are you curious to share something?